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a) Parents/ guardians or someone senior at home should send the profiles at UrHaldihaath. In serious matters like this, if you write yourself with no contact details of your parents or ask your friends or colleagues to write for you it may not be acceptable to many.

b) Be honest, provide complete and full information, use simple and unambiguous language in your profile.

c) Be patient. Don't get frustrated if you not able to find a suitable match for your Son/daughter/brother/Sister/yourself in few months, this process may take up to a year in some cases . Know what you deserve and what you desire. A mismatch will between what you deserve and what you desire will lead to frustration. Marriages are made in heaven but you have to be realistic.

d) Respect the feelings of others. Treat others as you would be like to be treated by others. Convey you decisions at the earliest possible be it acceptance or rejection. Don't let the other party to wait for very long.

e) Don't assume anything, if in doubt ask the other party to clarify. Don't be shy in asking for clarifications and don't get angry or upset if the other party asks for the same. It is a matter of whole life and you should appreciate the fact that the other party is making its best effort to get best match for their Son/daughter/ brother/Sister.

" Lets Say No To Dowry"

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