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You can post profile only if you are a member of our UrHaldihaath yahoogroup. Remember to use the same email id that is member of UrHaldihaath, to post profile. If you are still not a member , use the yahoogroup box given at the left of this page or click here.

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Please read following guidelines before sending profiles :

1. You can mention as much details as you want about the person you are looking the match for as we have unlimited space. Please do NOT SEND the details as attachments, send the details in plain text format. The details may include minimum of following : Surname, Education Qualification, Age, Work experience (if any), family background, Present status and Present location.

2. SUBJECT LINE : Subject line should be appropriate. SOME EXAMPLES OF SUBJECT LINE:
a) 28/ Delhi/Govt job/ Garhwali Brahmin looking for Uttaranchali Bridegroom
b) 26/5'4" Garhwali Brahmin looking for Garhwali Brahmin Bridegroom
c) 29/5'8"/35,000 PM Kumaoni Rajput looking for Kumaoni Rajput bride
d) 26/5'4"/ US based Brahmin looking for Uttaranchali Brahmin Bridegroom
e) 29/5'9"/ MBA, own business looking for Kumaoni Brahmin Bride......etc.

3. If you are looking match for two different people then send two different messages.

4. Delete your message from the group once you have found a suitable match. Do send us the success stories of the group members.

5. Do tell more Uttaranchalis about UrHaldihaath.com to help them and others here.

6. When replying to messages posted by other members, please make sure that you are sending the message to intended person/s and not to the whole group. Please note that when you send messages to UrHaldihaath@yahoogroups.com the message reaches all the group members. So when you are replying to any profile here make sure you reply to the person who sent the profile directly and not to the whole group. If You want you can copy us for our information at UrHaldihaath@yahoo.com

7. Stick to the objective of the group, please don't send any other kind of message or Spam. Anyway it will not be approved.

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