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**IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS **Don't Make Any Decision In Hurry. **Take Your Time, Do All The Verifications And Checks That You Want Before Making Any Decision.
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Here we provide you some ways to identify that the other party is not taking you seriously :

1) The other party asks for your photo and more details about you without providing any details about themselves.

2) The other party claims to know many other people/families as a suitable partner for you without providing any details of the other family.

3) The other party asks you to visit another websites for details and fails to send all the details directly to your email.

4 ) Those who redirect you to other website to see their profile details and don’t send their profile directly at your email address, can change their profile at that site whenever they want to. To be on safer side make sure that you have their details with you, request them to send all details directly at your email address, instead of redirecting you to other website. 

5)People who receive 1 or 2 line message or messages asking you to visit another website for details may also ignore such message as most likely that person is not seriously interested in your profile.

6) The other party tries to avoid providing details like family background, contact details of family members etc even after 2-3 correspondences have taken place.

7) The other party does not provide contact details of parents / guardians even after 2-3 correspondences have taken place.

8) The other party provides you with conflicting or confusing information.

9) The other party tries to delay or postpone the things for indefinite period without providing any solid reasons for the same.

10) If it is too good to be true , it is. Don't make any decision in hurry. Avoid people who ask you to make decisions in hurry. Take your time, do all the verifications and checks that you want before making any decision.

" Lets Say No To Dowry"

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