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DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (21st - 31st  Oct 07)

Match for 31 year old Garhwali Brahmin Boy/Anuroop Kabthiyal
Dear All: We are looking for a suitable match for my brother-in-law, appended below are his details: Name - Anuroop Kabthiyal DOB - September 25th, 1976 Height...
Looking for a Garhwali Brahmin Girl for my Son: Software Engineer
Namaskar, I am appending below some particulars of my son and other family members for your kind consideration. 1. The Boy: Sateshwar Prasad, Garhwali Brahmin...
Looking a Match For 28 Year old Kumaouni Bhramin Boy
Hello, We are looking for a Kumauni Bhramin girl for Kumaouni Bhramin Boy Age : 28 year Working in a Fortune 500 MNC at Pune. If interested; please be in touch...
Matrimonial profile of Garhwali rajput Boy , 1979 , MTech
Dear Sir/Madam, We are Garhwali Rajput & looking a suitable professionally qualified Uttrakhandi Rajput bride for my son whose particulars are as under for...
Suitable match for high caste kumaoni professionally qualified 
we are looking for high caste kumaoni professionally qualified boy working in delhi(ncr)in IT sector Details are : Height : 177 cm Appearance...

DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (11th - 20th Oct 07)

Profile of Garhwali Rajput boy / 24yrs/ Accountant
Name: Rakesh singh thakuri Surname : Thakuri Sex : male Age : 24 Education Qualification: B.com Work experience : Accountant Present status = Middle class ...
Matrimonial - Garhwali Rajput Boy
I present the following bio -data. bio- data Name - P. Bisht(smart.fair) Date of birth- 29 march 1972 Height - 5 feet 6.5" Education - B.sc, m.a, LL.b...
Looking Garhwali Brahmin girl for 27yrs/Garhwali Brahmin Boy
Hi, Here is the profile of my son Ashish Ghildiyal Age : 27yrs. He is working in BHEL, Haridwar in technical line. He is machinist operating CNC machines in...
Suitable Match for 25yrs./ B.E / Garhwali Brahmin Boy
Dear all, I am looking for a suitable match for my son Mayank Ghildiyal Age: 25 years(Manglik) He is BE(Computer Technology). He is working as Jr.Works...
Suitable Match for Garhwali Rajput boy/ Sqd leader Air Force
I am the brother of the boy Name- Bisht Dob-05/03/1979 Height-5 7", fair Squardon leader(major) in indian air force We require slim, decent,good educated...

DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (1st - 10th Oct07)

Looking for a suitable match for my Son- garhwali brahmin Software
I am appending below some particulars of my son and other family members for your kind consideration. 1. The Boy: Sateshwar Prasad, Garhwali Brahmin Boy,...


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