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DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (21st - 31st Aug 07)

Suitable match for my Younger Brother
We are looking for a Grahwali Brahmin Girl for my younger brother. The boy is working with an Export House Salary is Rs.7000/- p.m and also doing part time...
Hi, We are loking for gar / kum rajput educated girl for 28 years / mba / 5.10 H / working with MNC / 5.50 L per anum / smart kumaoni rajput boy. Pls write us...

DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (11th - 20th Aug 07)

Hello Frnds ! Hi, Myself Govind Pal a new member joining in urhaldihaath group. We are searching for Patwa brides for my elder brother Gurudut,who is M.A. and...
Seeking for Garhwali Rajput Girl
Dear all members of this group, I am looking for a tall young garhwali rajput girl from a decent family for my brother inlaw. I am sending his brief profile....

DETAILS  OF  GROOMS  (1st - 10th Aug 07)

Looking for kumaoni bride
Namaskar, This is RK Joshi From Haldwani, Branch Manager LIC of India, sending profile of my son Manish Joshi, If suits Plz feel free to contact .......
Garhwali Rajput International Baker from Dehradun (28/5'8"/Atheletic
Hello. I come from a respected Garhwali Rajput family in Dehradun. I work for a top bank in London as an Assistant Vice President. I intend to work and travel...
Profile of my brother
Hello Members, This my brothers profile if any group member searching for groom please feel free to contact Mrs. Rekha Bisht Contact No. 9210891807 BIODATA ...
Looking Garhwali Brahmin bride
Hi all, This is dev joshi from haridwar. I m looking a garhwali brahamin bride, if u find sutable please mail me. I am born 01.05.1980 Age 27 Years ...
We are looking for a Garhwali Brahmin girl
Hi, Here is the profile of my brother-in-law. Name - Ajay Kala D.O.B. - 15th Jan 1977 Qualification - M.Com. Profession - Self owned Medicine Wholesale ...


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